I started couponing in January of 2010 while I was pregnant with my now 10 month old son Jonah.  I had to find a way to cut our budget so I could stay at home.  My husband and I attended a Southern Savers couponing workshop and he began couponing.  After Jonah was born I took over the grocery shopping and cut our monthly grocery budget from $400 to $200 and now to $160.

A little history on my couponing experience:

  • Our grocery budget before couponing was $400 per month for Paul and myself.  
  • We used to do all of our grocery shopping once a month at Wal-Mart and often bought the Wal-Mart brand products. 
  • We used to think that Publix was the most expensive grocery store in town, but when we compared prices with Bi-Lo’s prices Publix is usually always cheaper. 
  • Now I shop weekly at Publix and sometimes 1 other grocery store depending on sales that week and only buy name brand products.  
  • My pantry is now full of name brand items that I have paid half of what Wal-Mart brand would cost…and it is usually better!
  • To coupon you cannot be brand loyal.
  • Learn to try different brands when they are on sale. 
  • You will learn to like what’s on sale and even get to branch out and try different things you probably wouldn’t have had it not been on sale.

I have started this blog at the advice of family and friends that wonder how I do it all.  My goal is to try to simplify things for those that want to coupon and save money, but don’t have a lot of time.

I wish you well on your couponing  journey!  Thanks in advance for your support as I learn how to blog! 🙂


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